How to Follow Up with Youth After Providing a PPW Lesson

It’s important to follow up with youth who have received a one-session Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program. 

We recommend all providers remind youth to monitor their goal plans daily and to reset their goals each week. 

We are currently exploring creating a software app that would make this process easier and better. 

The app would allow prevention professionals to:   

1) Send out daily text message reminders to youth to track their goals,

2) Track youths’ daily monitoring of their goals,

3) Remind and track youths’ weekly goal setting, and

4) Allow online messaging between you and youth to discuss goal setting problems and solutions. 

If you’d be interested in us developing this app, please let us know by returning this message with a YES response. 

If you have ideas for other functions you’d like to see in an app, please let us know at:

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