How Youth Sports Programs Can Win Prevention Sponsorships

How Youth Sports Programs Can Win Prevention Sponsorships

Giving small businesses and corporations specific reasons to sponsor your sports program, team, league or organization will increase the likelihood you’ll be successful at winning funds. 

Typically, sports programs request business sponsorships for things like equipment, uniforms and fees. 

But how about requesting sponsoring something that will directly increase the positive development of your youth? 

One key area for protecting and promoting both the athletic and academic success of youth is ensuring they avoid substance use. 

Sports and recreation programs are ideal settings for addressing alcohol and drug use among youth.

Reasons for Preventing Substance Use in Youth Sports 

First, research shows that sports and physical activity can place youth at greater risk for certain types of substance use, particularly alcohol, marijuana and steroids. 

Second, athletes have a much greater risk of being prescribed highly addictive opiates, because of their increased opportunity for injury. 

Third, substance use is a key factor in youth underperforming and failing at athletics and academics, and can prevent youth who are serious about an athletic career from being recruited to the next level. 

Fourth, providing effective substance use prevention messages to youth participating in sports and recreation programs will be viewed by local businesses, schools, parents and the community as an indication that you care about the whole health and wellbeing of youth. 

Fifth, effectively addressing substance use in sports can improve the performance of your team members, and prevent headaches and embarrassment associated with youth substance use for players, coaches, schools and team boosters. 

Sixth, the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program is a practical, single-session evidence-based substance use prevention program for youth that promotes physical activity, sports, health and performance-enhancing behaviors, making it ideal for youth sports and recreation settings.

Using the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Program 

SPORT PPW can be used in sports and recreation programs in three primary ways. 

One, SPORT PPW can be used to provide a personalized training session giving youth feedback on their current fitness and health habits, and motivating them to set goals to avoid substance use and increase physical activity, healthy nutrition, sleep, and controlling their stress to improve fitness, health and performance in athletics and academics. 

This session can be provided to youth individually, like a personalized coaching lesson, or to a small group of youth.  It can be administered by a coach, parent, adult volunteer, teacher, and even a peer youth leader. 

Two, SPORT PPW can be used to deliver a youth leadership clinic to train youth to provide positive communications to their peers, either individually or in a group, aimed at motivating them to avoid substance use while increasing their fitness, health and performance-enhancing habits. 

Youth leaders trained to implement the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program gain both leadership and service skills and knowledge, and benefit from serving as a positive, healthy role model for their peers. 

Third, the four parent flyers and youth-parent web resources included in the SPORT PPW program can be distributed to team members’ parents to give them concrete examples of how to provide positive prevention and fitness comments to their kids at home, and learn more about how to promote fitness and performance-enhancing behaviors and prevent athletic and academic-harming substance use for their youth. 

These materials can be handed out to parents and guardians at practices or games, or distributed electronically by email or posted on the sports or recreation organizations’ websites.

How to Request Sponsorships 

Sports and recreation programs can ask local businesses to sponsor their organization specifically to provide the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program to their youth.  Each SPORT PPW program costs $499.  This includes everything needed to provide the program to an unlimited number of youth.  It also includes online e-learning training to understand exactly how to best provide the program to youth. 

However, multiple levels of sponsorship is a good idea.  This allows businesses to support your program at the financial level they feel most comfortable.  For example, an organization could have four or more levels of sponsorship. 

The first and lowest level would be $499 to support the purchase and use of one SPORT PPW program.  A third level could be $1497 to fund three SPORT PPW programs. 

There are three versions of the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program.  One version for older adolescents/high school students, another for young adolescents/middle school students, and a third for children/older elementary students.  A sponsorship at the third level could fund one of each of the three versions of the SPORT PPW program allowing a sports or recreation organization to provide the evidence-based prevention with fitness messages to youth across ages 8-18 years old. 

A fourth level of support could also be included.  This highest level of sponsorship can be used to train team leaders to provide the SPORT PPW to their peers or other youth in sports, school or the community.  The cost of this highest level of sponsorship would depend upon the number of youth being trained to be leaders to provide the evidence-based SPORT PPW program to others.

For sports and recreation programs serving young adults ages 18-25 years old, there is another single-session evidence-based prevention with fitness program titled, InShape Prevention Plus Wellness.  The InShape PPW program can be provided to young adults in college and community sports, fitness and recreation programs to prevent substance use and promote fitness and health just like the SPORT PPW program can for children and adolescents. 

A Bonus 

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC, the small business that provides the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program, is currently offering a special for youth sports programs.  For every SPORT PPW program sponsored by a business, Prevention Plus Wellness will donate $100 to the sports program to support general youth sports activities.  If a business sponsors three SPORT PPW programs, for example, Prevention Plus Wellness will donate $300 to that youth sports program. 


In conclusion, while sports programs typically request business sponsorships for things like equipment, uniforms and fees, there are many good reasons for sports teams, leagues and organizations to seek sponsorships for addressing alcohol and drug use among youth. 

This article discussed how the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program can be used in youth sports programs in three key ways, as well as how to request specific sponsorships to support the use of the SPORT PPW program for youth participating in youth sports. 

A bonus is that Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC will donate $100 for each SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program sponsored by a business, thus leveraging the sponsorship by providing additional resources for the youth sports program. 

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