Making a Positive Impact on Today’s Youth

Making a Positive Impact on Today’s Youth

One of our favorite new prevention partners is Haley Greene and the entire Executive Team at the Prosser Thrive Coalition.  

Located in the city of Prosser, Washington, the Coalition’s mission is to build and sustain a healthy community through youth substance abuse prevention and education. 

Strong in heart and will, the Prosser Thrive Coalition helps youth, parents and participants from all sectors identify specific needs and find ways to effectively address them leading to a healthier and safer community. 

The Prosser Coalition was formed in 2013 to prevent youth substance abuse through meaningful action and education. 

This recently includes deploying the evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for middle and high school adolescents, which is proven to prevent substance use while promoting physical activity, healthy nutrition and other wellness habits and identity. 

The Coalition provides prevention resources for youth and parents, addressing tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, drugs, and suicide and mental health. 

In addition, they offer a student assistance program to help youth overcome obstacles that get in the way of their goals and education, as well as a youth coalition allowing students to help other students make healthy life choices.   

Haley Greene and Executive Team members at the Prosser Thrive Coalition are a phenomenal group of prevention professionals, community representatives and talented staff dedicated to providing leadership and services that are having a positive and lasting impact on their community. 

We are blessed to have an opportunity to work with this Coalition and their outstanding leaders and staff to advance the health and well-being of youth in their region.  

They have one of the most colorful, engaging and helpful websites I’ve seen for any prevention coalition in the US.  

Check it out today: 

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