Marijuana Parent PPW Program Giveaway Winner

Marijuana Parent PPW Program Giveaway Winner

Thanks to everyone who registered for the drawing for a free Marijuana Parent Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Program.

The Marijuana Parent Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Program is our original evidence-informed marijuana youth program adapted for presentation to parents and caregivers.

The Marijuana Parent PPW Program consists of a one-session PowerPoint-driven workshop for parents/caregivers presented by prevention and health professionals or trained parents. 

Congratulations to Guadalupe M. from the Change Lanes Youth Support Services in Antelope Valley, CA.

Learn more about Change Lanes:

The parent training session is designed to help parents/caregivers gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to provide brief multiple health behavior messages and goal planning experiences for their youth which address marijuana use prevention and wellness behavior promotion.

PPW also offers alcohol, e-cigarette, and opioid parent training programs.

Learn more about the PPW’s Parent Training Programs:

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