Marijuana Use Prevention Resources by Prevention Plus Wellness

Marijuana Use Prevention Resources by Prevention Plus Wellness

Substance use prevention and health specialists providing Prevention Plus Wellness programs sometimes need additional resources for themselves as well as their participating youth and parents.

Below is a list of cannabis resources for youth, teachers and parents.

Cannabis (Marijuana), NIDA

Description: This website provides drug facts, research reports and featured articles on cannabis (marijuana):

Marijuana and Teens, American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Description: This document describes ways people use marijuana, parents and prevention, effects of marijuana, and medical marijuana.:

Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness Programs, Prevention Plus Wellness

Description: Marijuana PPW is a quick and easy to use positive youth development program for prevention and health professionals and parents who want to prevent cannabis use and promote healthy lifestyle behaviors and positive identities of youth: 

Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth, SAMHSA

Description: The goal of this guide is to review the literature on prevention of marijuana use among youth, distill the research into recommendations for practice, and provide examples of the ways these recommendations can be implemented:

Preventing Marijuana Use Among Youth & Young Adults, DEA

Description: This publication provides an overview of the prevalence of marijuana use among this population; the physical, academic, and social consequences; tips for how to get involved to prevent marijuana use among youth and young adults; and federal resources to assist in your efforts:

Cannabis Policy Resource Center, Prevention First

Description: Prevention First’s Cannabis Policy Resource Center (CPRC) provides education, training, expert-led webinars, resources, and tools on data-supported policies and strategies to prevent youth cannabis use, reduce youth access to cannabis, and promote healthy behaviors in communities:

Marijuana and Public Health, CDC

Description: Information on health effects, data and statistics, FAQs, what CDC is doing about marijuana and public health, and more:

Cannabis Awareness and Prevention Toolkit, Stanford Medicine

Description: Includes videos and content on addiction, parent/guardian information, related agencies, brain science, and youth resources:

Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness Media Campaign, Prevention Plus Wellness

Description: The ready-to-implement Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness Media Campaign was designed to correct myths, misconceptions, and norms about marijuana use, increase awareness of marijuana harm, media influences, improve knowledge of how to identify signs of use, provide positive youth and adult role models, enhance positive self-identity, increase youth self-regulation skills to set healthy behavior goals, and develop protective wellness lifestyles: 

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