Marijuana Use Relatively High Among Young Adolescents

Marijuana Use Relatively High Among Young Adolescents

New research shows that there is a relatively high use of marijuana among students and that education programs should focus on its use with or without other tobacco products.

A study published in Europe PMC (2023) used the National Youth Tobacco Survey to provide important information about the frequency of use of nicotine and tobacco products by a representative sample of students in schools in the United States. 

The final survey from 2020 included 13,357 students, with 6537 male respondents and 6820 female respondents. 

The 2020 National Youth Tobacco Survey indicates that approximately 18.4% of middle school and high school students have used marijuana. 

Read the entire study abstract and get the full text:

Check out the one-session evidence-informed Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness program for youth:

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