Medical Marijuana Laws Effects on Educational Attainment

Medical Marijuana Laws Effects on Educational Attainment

A new study published in Economics Letters examined the spillover effects of medical marijuana laws on educational attainment. 

The results showed that medical marijuana laws decreased high school graduation rates by 0.36 percentage points. 

This equates to nearly 13,000 students that will not graduate because of medical marijuana legislation in the US.  

This study provides additional evidence of the negative effects of marijuana legislation and use on youth development.  

The 29 US states and District of Columbia that currently have medical marijuana laws must dramatically increase prevention, education and policy efforts to protect youth from initiating and becoming addicted to cannabis products. 

These efforts should involve a comprehensive strategy of using evidence-based prevention programs, marijuana awareness media campaigns, educational training programs for youth and adults, and policies to limit marijuana advertising and product access by youth. 

Read the brief research abstract: 

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