Mental Health Research Priorities: White House Report

Mental Health Research Priorities: White House Report

As part of the overall mental health strategy, the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy (OSTP) partnered with the White House Domestic Policy Council (DPC) to establish cross-agency scientific research priorities to improve how we prevent, diagnose, treat, and destigmatize mental health conditions.

This set of mental health research priorities was developed to identify key areas where additional scientific research is needed to address our national mental health crisis in a comprehensive and equitable way.

Substance use prevention and mental health promotion specialists are likely to be particularly interested in Topical Research Priorities number 7 and 8 below:

  1. Preventing fatal and non-fatal suicide outcomes
  2. Supporting youth mental health 

In support of the later research priority (#8), Prevention Plus Wellness is posting the following collaborative statement:  

““Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW), LLC is an education company providing single-session evidence-based substance use prevention programs addressing alcohol, e-cigarette, marijuana and opioid misuse that simultaneously promote protective healthy behaviors including physical activity and sports, healthy eating, sleep, stress control and goal setting aimed at enhancing mental and physical health of youth and young adults in all 50 US states. 

We are committed to “Assessing and Optimizing School-Based Interventions” by continuing to partner with research organizations to rigorously evaluate PPW programs in school, college, primary care, community and military settings for preventing substance misuse, improving mental health and preventing suicide among general, high risk and underserved populations of youth and young adults.””

Download the entire report:

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