Mental Wellbeing Among Adversity-Exposed Adolescents

Mental Wellbeing Among Adversity-Exposed Adolescents

A new national study published in JAMA Network of 4515 adolescents reported that engaging in healthy behaviors like eating healthy and sleep, exercise, caring for one’s body such as by meditating, and attending in-person schooling were associated with significantly higher positive affect and lower perceived stress among adolescents with adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The authors concluded that there is a need to identify protective factors to promote health equity and improve mental health among adolescents at high risk for poor outcomes. 

We believe sufficient evident exists from this and other studies for prevention and health professionals, coaches, educators, clinicians, and parents to redouble their efforts to promote protective health behaviors, while preventing harmful substance use, among youth to protect and improve their mental and physical wellbeing, performance, and happiness. 

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