Most Social Media Posts Promote E-Cigarette Use

Most Social Media Posts Promote E-Cigarette Use

New research shows that the vast majority of YouTube and Instagram content about e-cigarettes promoted their use, and typically the content does not contain age and/or health warnings.

A study published in BMC Public Health (2023) documents a snapshot of online user-generated content and influencer marketing related to e-cigarettes on YouTube and Instagram.

Scoping review of relevant e-cigarette-related content on two social media platforms popular with youths, YouTube and Instagram, between June and August 2021. 

Vaping was portrayed positively on social media; of the posts analysed, 86.5% (n = 90 of 104) of Instagram posts and 66.0% (n = 64 of 97) of YouTube videos.

Warnings about age restrictions and health (e.g., nicotine addiction/toxicity) did not feature in the majority of posts; 43.3% (n = 42) of YouTube videos (n = 42) contained an age warning compared to 20.2% of Instagram posts (n = 21).

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Learn more about the Vaping (E-Cigarette) Prevention Plus Wellness Media Campaign designed to provide e-cigarette use prevention and healthy lifestyle behavior promotion messages in print and social media:

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