New InShape Wellness Lifestyle Training for Adults in Paperback

New InShape Wellness Lifestyle Training for Adults in Paperback

The new InShape Wellness Lifestyle Training for Adults program is now available in paperback from Amazon.

InShape Wellness Lifestyle Training (WLT) is a quick and easy self-guided program for adults who want to promote their healthy lifestyle behaviors, while avoiding unhealthy alcohol and drug misuse.

InShape WLT is great for enhancing mental and physical wellbeing and resiliency of anyone interested in living a healthier, more successful, and happier life.

InShape WLT is the only self-improvement program designed to increase wellness-enhancing behaviors including physical activity, healthy eating, getting adequate sleep, practicing stress control and goal setting while avoiding harmful substance misuse.

While InShape WLT was created for use by any adult interested in protecting and promoting their wellbeing, it may be particularly helpful for those at-risk for unhealthy habits, such as adult children of alcohol or drug use disordered parents, those who’ve experienced trauma in their lives, adults with mental health problems, and those working in certain stressful or high-risk occupations (e.g., nursing, food service).

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