New PPW Bundled Programs Sale

New PPW Bundled Programs Sale

Order any of the following Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) youth programs and get any additional PPW parent program, media campaign, video program or online program at 50% off.

Order any one or more of the following youth programs:

  • SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) PPW
  • InShape PPW for young adults
  • SPORT Alcohol & Cannabis PPW
  • Vaping (E-Cigarette) PPW
  • Marijuana PPW
  • Opioid PPW
  • Opioid & Stimulant PPW for young adults

And get 50% off any of the following:

  • SPORT PPW Online Program
  • SPORT PPW Video-Based Program
  • Marijuana PPW Media Campaign
  • SPORT Alcohol PPW Media Campaign
  • Vaping E-Cigarette PPW Media Campaign
  • Opioid PPW Media Campaign
  • SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) Parent PPW Program
  • Marijuana Parent PPW Program
  • Vaping E-Cigarette Parent PPW Program
  • Opioid Parent PPW Program

Just use the code: PPW50% upon checkout.

This sale ends February 28, 2023.

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