New Prevention Plus Wellness Parent Programs

New Prevention Plus Wellness Parent Programs

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Parent Programs are our original evidence-based programs adapted for use by parents and caregivers with their youth and young adults.

PPW Parent Programs consist of a one-session PowerPoint-driven training workshop and materials presented by prevention and health professionals to parents/caregivers. 

The training session is designed to help parents/caregivers gain the knowledge, confidence and skills to increase brief tailored messages and goal planning experiences for their youth/young adults which address substance use prevention and wellness behavior promotion.

Parent PPW program versions include:

  • SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) PPW
  • Vaping (E-cigarette) PPW
  • Marijuana PPW
  • Opioid PPW
  • InShape (Alcohol/Drug) PPW for Young Adults
  • Healthy Eating PPW
  • Monitoring Calorie Intake PPW
  • Controlling Stress PPW

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