New Research Calls for Screening and Brief Intervention to Prevent Youth Opioid Misuse

A new article in Current Addiction Reports reviewed research examining the impact of the opioid epidemic on adolescents and young adults and findings regarding treatment for opioid use disorder for youth in pediatric medical settings.

The authors found that screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment is an important strategy to prevent opioid misuse among youth.

The single-session Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program is a new evidence-based practices screening and brief intervention with versions for adolescents, as well as high-risk men and women as indicated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

The Opioid PPW program is designed to prevent opioid and other substance misuse while promoting protective wellness behaviors including regular physical activity, healthy nutrition, sleep and daily stress control designed to promote overall mental and physical health.

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