Online Prevention Plus Wellness Program Training Workshop Offered

Online Prevention Plus Wellness Program Training Workshop Offered

The next live online Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer’s Training Workshop is Thursday February 21st.  

This training provides a 3-year certification to implement any of our Prevention Plus Wellness programs (please specify program(s) when ordering). 

 Date: Thursday February 21st 

Time: 11:30am EST/8:30am PST 

Duration: 2-hours live online 


  1. Pay for the training workshop in advance of the session.
  2. Use a device with either a wired internet connection or a strong Wi-Fi signal.
  3. Use a device with a built-in or add-on microphone so we can hear you speak.
  4. Use a device with a build-in or add-on camera so we can see you. 

Request registration link and password after ordering. 

Order Combined Training & Program: 

Order Training Only: 

For more information: (904) 472-5022, 

Please like and share with others in your region and state.  Thank you! 

“The opposite of substance use is not non-use,
it’s wellness!”
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