Onsite Marijuana Use Prevention Program Training Workshop

Onsite Marijuana Use Prevention Program Training Workshop

Congratulations to the Northeast Delta Human Services Authority (HSA) for successfully hosting a regional onsite Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Program Implementer and Trainer Workshop this week in Monroe, LA. 

A group of about 40 people participated in training to both implement, and train others to implement, the high school and middle school versions of the Marijuana PPW Program in their region. 

Participants will receive 3-year certifications as Marijuana PPW Program Implementers and Trainers. 

The HSA also purchased the Marijuana and Vaping PPW Media Campaigns and are providing both print and social media content and resources to prevent youth cannabis and e-cigarette use throughout the community. 

In addition, the HSA has two Unlimited PPW Program & Training Licenses to provide both online program implementer training and access to the Marijuana PPW Program and materials for implementation throughout the area. 

Prevention Plus Wellness is grateful to the amazingly talented, committed, and diverse group of professionals who participated in this week’s training.  

We look forward to supporting their critical prevention and wellness work in the coming months and years. 

For more info on the Northeast Delta HSA: https://nedeltahsa.org/ 

For more info about Onsite PPW Training Workshops: https://preventionpluswellness.com/collections/onsite-program-implementer-trainer-workshops 

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