Physical Activity and Common Mental Disorders

Physical Activity and Common Mental Disorders

Physical activity and sport, with their global accessibility, significant and clinically meaningful efficacy offer a promising, evidence-based option for the prevention and treatment of common mental disorders, according to a new article published in the journal Sports Medicine & Health Science (2023).

The large-scale disruptions to physical activity during the coronavirus pandemic have been found to be a leading predictor of common mental disorders.

In addition, regular physical exercise has been found to alleviate anxiety, sadness, and depression during the pandemic.

These findings, together with numerous studies published before the pandemic on the effects of physical activity on mental health, should be considered in the provision of mental health care following the pandemic.

The authors concluded that physical exercise and sport are likely to become valuable public mental health resources in the future.

Prevention and health specialists should embrace the promotion of physical activity and sports as an integral component of substance use/misuse prevention and mental health promotion among youth and adults.

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