Physical Activity and Substance Use Disorders and Wellbeing

Physical Activity and Substance Use Disorders and Wellbeing

Listed below are two newly published papers and previously published news articles/blogs addressing the role of exercise, physical activity and sport in managing and preventing substance use disorders and promoting wellbeing.

The first new article was published in the Journal of Prescribing and Medicines Management and examined the theoretical basis for prescribing physical activity to improve the mental and physical health of people using drugs.

This article also provides practical advice on how to deliver exercise interventions.

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The second paper was published in the open access journal Symmetry and tested the hypothesis that regularly engaging in sports activities will influence individuals’ lifetime physical and mental health.

The study authors reported that engagement in sports can be established in adolescence, maintained over time and influence wellbeing across the lifespan.

Read the paper:

Previously published news articles by Prevention Plus Wellness discussing the link between youth sports and physical activity and substance use and wellness are listed below. 

Physical Activity Interventions Decrease Youth Substance Use:

Physical Activity’s Role in Youth Substance Use and Mental Health:

Can Sports and Physical Activity Prevent Youth Substance Use?:

These news articles/blogs support the general need for promoting the adoption of regular physical activity, exercise and sports participation as a key strategy for preventing youth substance use and promoting their wellbeing.  

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