PPW Program Provider Comments

PPW Program Provider Comments

Schools have allowed us to implement your wonderful program (SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness) in-person throughout the school year and we continue to receive positive feedback from everyone. 

Jim H.

C.H.A.D., Inc.

Auburn, NY 


What I like best about the (Prevention Plus Wellness) program(s) is that they are user-friendly and relevant to health, and the focus is on the fundamental aspect of an individual.  To include diet, sleep, exercise, and danger of substance use.  I also like the duration of implementation fits well with a school setting.

Debera A.

Morehouse School of Medicine HPRC

Atlanta, GA


This is a good overview program (Vaping Prevention Plus Wellness) to health and vaping prevention.  It is a good program to introduce a drug unit to a class. 

Nancy R.

Creative Health Services

Pottstown, PA 


I like how simple and effective it is with youth, the information is very pertinent to substance using youth too.  

Cindy M.


New York, NY 


Schools like it (SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness) and our coordinators like it. It not only discusses ATOD but has a big focus on overall health, which is great for public health. 

Heather D.

Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department

Wisner, NE

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