PPW Programs in Adolescent Health Clinics & Wellness Centers

PPW Programs in Adolescent Health Clinics & Wellness Centers

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) brief interventions are designed to prevent substance use/misuse (alcohol, marijuana, e-cigarette, opioids) while promoting healthy lifestyle behaviors associated with mental and physical wellbeing, performance, and happiness, including physical activity, breakfast and nutrition, sleep, stress control, and goal setting.

PPW programs are a perfect fit for wellness centers and health clinics for all youth as well as youth already using substances as they can be implemented individually, in groups, or virtually.

Most PPW programs are just one 45-minute session but can be easily expanded to multiple goal setting sessions to increase youth self-regulation skills and self-efficacy.

PPW programs are used in all 50 states and abroad, and come with a program manual, digital downloads, pretest and posttest evaluation surveys, and online self-paced training.

To learn more: https://preventionpluswellness.com

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