Prevention Plus Wellness Teen Contracts: Great for Red Ribbon Week

Free from Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC. 

Great for Red Ribbon Week!  Home contracts help parents communicate clear behavior guidelines to their teens.  By having teens involved in writing the contract and signing it with the parents/guardians, it increases their accountability and motivation to follow family rules. 

Well-designed home contracts can provide structure and consistency needed for positive youth development.  They can also teach youth that actions have consequences, both good or bad.  

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Teen Contracts are uniquely designed to help your teen avoid harmful and unhealthy behaviors, while fostering a protective wellness lifestyle and positive self-identity.  Each PPW Teen Contract is founded on our proven, evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness Model, which has been used to effectively develop dozens of programs and tools that connect wellness promotion with avoidance of risky behaviors. 

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