Prevention Professionals Feed Hungry Children

Prevention Professionals Feed Hungry Children

Thanks to everyone who partnered with Prevention Plus Wellness this last quarter to prevent pain and suffering caused by substance use and addiction while promoting protective wellness lifestyles of youth and young adults across the country and world. 

Because of your purchases, together we were also able to feed hungry children and families. 

Prevention Plus Wellness gives 10% of net sales of evidence-based and evidence-informed Prevention Plus Wellness programs and training to charities feeding, clothing and sheltering children and families. 

One of our favorite charities is Feed the Children.  

Feed the Children is committed to ensuring children around the world, including in the US, have food to help them grow healthy and strong. 

We are blessed to support the incredibly important mission of Feed the Children and thank our customers for making our donations to Feed the Children possible this second quarter. 

Learn more about Feed the Children by viewing this 2-minute video: 

Learn more about the story and mission of Prevention Plus Wellness: 

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