Prevention Professionals Rate the Online PPW Program Implementer Training

Prevention and health specialists attending the online, self-paced Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Program Implementer’s Training completed a post-training survey. 

Survey results are shown below. 

  • 100% reported they liked the training a moderate amount to a great deal
  • 100% said the training was helpful a moderate amount to a great deal
  • 93% reported their current level of comfort to provide the PPW program was a moderate amount to a great deal
  • 100% said they were confident they could accurately follow the protocol when presenting the PPW lesson a moderate amount to a great deal 

What did the trained PPW program providers like best about the online training? 

  • I liked the variety of learning options such as the discussion and viewing the links before proceeding.
  • How I can follow it with my training book.
  • I liked the way everything was laid out when following the PPW lesson.
  • It was extremely informative and user friendly!
  • Going through the PPW program manual and slides together.
  • It was very thorough. I felt the information was thought out and planned well.
  • Simple to the point.
  • Self-paced and virtual.
  • The instructor speaking.
  • I could go back if I missed something.
  • The interactive features kept me involved.
  • I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about this training program.
  • It was great. 

In conclusion, prevention and health professionals completing the self-paced, online Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer’s training courses found them enjoyable and helpful. 

They especially liked the interactive features, ease of use and amount of information provided. 

Learn more about Online PPW Program Implementer’s Training: 

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