Prevention Professionals React to PPW Webinars

Prevention Professionals React to PPW Webinars

We love providing free webinars and online training for prevention and health specialists who choose to implement, and train others to implement, evidence-based and evidence-informed Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs.

Below are evaluation results from professionals who attended the last couple of week’s of PPW webinars.

Participant Evaluation Scores

  • 95% said they liked the PPW webinar a great deal to a lot
  • 84% said the webinar was helpful to them a great deal to a lot 

What did participants like best?

  • The online version of the curriculum
  • It was comprehensive
  • Being able to add different ways to present it to my students
  • It’s availability
  • I liked the many ways services could be provided: one-on-one, virtually, small group or in person
  • The instructive templates and materials shared on creating a public health substance use Prevention Plus Wellness plan
  • All of it was very informational
  • You spoke to us with a level of inclusion. Making sure no one was left out. Great learning process
  • The information provided in such a short time
  • I like the presenter. How he says things make great sense
  • Explained well and provided a great deal of information
  • The different grade levels the program can be used with
  • It kept my attention

What did participants like least?

  • The time frame was too short, would have preferred it to have been for 1 hour
  • I thoroughly enjoyed it
  • He is a great presenter
  • Could have been more interactive
  • I liked everything
  • The webinar was wonderful, but the outside session logged me out 

Final Thoughts

Thanks to all who attended recent Prevention Plus Wellness webinars.  It’s clear from the evaluation results that prevention and health specialists really like and find PPW webinars helpful for which we are grateful.  These findings were supported by the majority of comments which highlighted what attendees liked best about the webinars and PPW programs.  During future webinars we’ll pay specific attention to increasing participant interaction and providing one-hour sessions. 

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