Prevention Program Implementation Questions from the Field

Prevention Program Implementation Questions from the Field

A SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program Provider recently emailed me these 3 questions.  Here they are, with my answers. 

Hi Chudley,  

We are about to finally start implementing SPORT, but before we do, I have a few questions.  

First, was there a specific way we are supposed to share/distribute the follow-up flyers and mailers?  

Second, how do we properly implement the contract component with a group of students? Do we need to go over the contract with each child, individually? I can see this taking a lot of extra time, which would sort of defeat the time-saving purpose of implementing the program in group settings.  

Third, I should probably know this, but do we need to have a supervisor watch us implement the program once and sign-off before we can implement it with more kids? 

I appreciate any help you can provide me! 



Great to hear from you A.U.  Here are answers to your 3 questions. 

  1. Yes, on a weekly basis we suggest.  Other than that, you can hand them out, mail them, email them or place them on your website.  You can also use the parent phone protocol to call some or all parents to see if they have received and are using the flyers.  The flyers can be provided anytime.  After your initial contact with you, or during, or as a separate intervention.  It is up to you.
  2. Have all youth complete the contract and ask some to share so that everyone can learn how best to set a measurable, achievable (within a day or week), and relevant goal (related to the topics of PA, nutrition, sleep or stress control).  Don't forget to co-sign every youths' goal plan and have them take it home and post it to monitor their goal achievement every day.
  3. No, but do have implementers collect Implementation Charts for a self-assessment, and feedback forms to assess immediate fidelity and pre-posttest change using the screening surveys and feedback forms, by entering data into the Excel spreadsheet.  

Here is a new link for PPW Program providers to follow during implementation: 

Let me know if you need anything else. 

Stay in touch and good luck! 


 Chudley Edward Werch, PhD, President

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC

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