Prevention Specialists Evaluate the Online PPW Program Implementer Training Workshop

Prevention and health professionals from across the country recently attended the two-hour online Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer Workshop.  After the training, participants completed a confidential online evaluation survey.  Highlights of the survey results are shown below. 

  • 100% said they liked the online PPW Program Implementer training a great deal to a lot.
  • 100% said the online training was extremely to very helpful. 

What did you like the best about the online workshop? 

  • I liked that it was visual and very easy to follow
  • How clear the instruction is
  • Uses a wellness approach and not scare tactics
  • Everything
  • It was very interactive, allowing for questions as well as feedback
  • Seeing the actual slides and program script
  • Asking questions and getting answers
  • The trainer was great!
  • It’s user-friendly
  • The concept of wholistic prevention
  • Enthusiasm of the trainer
  • It was very helpful 

Learn more about the popular two-hour online PPW Program Implementer Workshop:

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