Prevention Specialists’ Reactions to Online PPW Program Training & Webinars

Prevention Specialists’ Reactions to Online PPW Program Training & Webinars

Below are results from prevention and health specialists who recently attended the 2-hour live online Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer Training Workshop or a 1-hour Prevention Plus Wellness Webinar.

How helpful was the PPW Program Training for You?: 86% said very to extremely helpful

What Did You Like the Best About the PPW Program Training Workshop?:

  • Offered a great deal of prevention information that is beneficial.
  • Presenter took his time and make sure everyone was on the same page throughout the workshop.
  • The presenter was kind and easy to understand.
  • Great slides and easy to follow script.
  • Discussion and the environment of the training. 

How Helpful Was the PPW Webinar to You?: 82% said a lot to a great deal

What Did You Like Best About the PPW Webinar?:

  • Pertaining to cultural issues, specifics and diverse.
  • The simplicity of the presentation. Easy to grasp.
  • The data.
  • Benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I plan to use this!
  • Very informative.
  • The topic of the Behavior-Image Model (BIM).
  • The ability to make it an ongoing series using the goal setting.
  • Useful suggestions for unbiased clinical work and attention to organizational change.
  • The vast amount of information.
  • The part that can be done virtually.
  • The presenter is very thorough and makes his presentations very understandable. This makes us eager to teach the information because we feel confident.
  • Excellent information and knowledge.
  • Never had this opportunity before.
  • Availability of resources.
  • Accessibility to the slides and information.
  • All of it was very informative and useful.
  • Thank you for another terrific webinar. It was not only informative but thought provoking…of much value! 

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