RiseBoro Professionals Complete Director Training in PPW Programs

RiseBoro Professionals Complete Director Training in PPW Programs

Many thanks and congratulations to Tyese Brown and all the great prevention professionals at the RiseBoro Community Partnership in the Bronx, New York.  

They just completed the 2-hour live online Director, Mentor & Supervisor Training in Prevention Plus Wellness Programs today. 

Some of the feedback from workshop participants included: 

“…thank you for being so thorough and highlighting new ways to engage my students/clients.”  Jeffrey Fisher 

“This has definitely been extremely helpful.  I understand it a bit more now since it has been explained in depth.”  Ismarie Rodriguez

“Thank you, this was very informative.  I appreciate hearing from you on the different aspects of SPORT and how to make it more meaningful.”  Rosemary Abreu

Learn more about this training opportunity for you and your organization: https://preventionpluswellness.com/collections/other-ppw-program-training/products/program-director-supervisor-and-grant-specialist-workshops 

Learn more about the RiseBoro Community Partnership: https://www.riseboro.org/rb/?

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