Screening and Brief Interventions

Screening and Brief Interventions

Below are three new studies examining the role of screening and brief intervention for preventing and reducing substance use.

The first study published in Alcohol and Alcoholism consisted of a systematic review of guidelines on managing patients with harmful alcohol use in primary care.

The author’s concluded that policy makers and healthcare providers implement screening and brief interventions in primary care settings.

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A second study published in Paediatrics & Child Health assessed screening and brief intervention use by pediatric emergency physicians.

The author concluded that technology-based screening and brief intervention is an acceptable innovation for use during the healthcare of adolescents.

The evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program is a screening and brief intervention that has recently been adapted for use in a new self-paced online program.

Learn more about the new Online SPORT PPW program today:

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A third study published in Medical Clinics of North American evaluated screening and counseling in primary care settings.

The author’s concluded that behavioral counseling interventions implemented in primary care can reduce unhealthy alcohol use.

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Screening and brief interventions continue to be the most widely supported prevention and intervention strategies in the literature.

Because of their brevity and efficacy, they can be cost-effective prevention strategies for use in nearly any setting.

Two screening and brief interventions have been shown not only to be effective evidence-based substance use prevention programs, but are also effective in improving health-enhancing behaviors like physical activity.

The SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for youth, and the InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program for college-aged young adults are innovative screening and brief interventions that integrate substance use prevention with fitness and health promotion.


Please share this important information with other substance abuse and health professionals in your community and state. 

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