SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) Prevention Plus Wellness: One-Session Programs for Youth Online & In-Person: Free Webinar

Session Objectives:

  1. Explore the contents and steps for implementing the 2021 SPORT (Alcohol/Drug) Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs for high school, middle school and elementary school-aged youth.
  2. Examine the scripts and PowerPoint slides used in providing these PPW programs to participants individually and in group settings both in-person as well as online.
  3. Review built-in evaluation tools, training opportunities and resources for prevention and health providers using PPW programs and program adaptations.


Length: 60 minutes 

Date: Thursday May 13th                     

Time: 12:00pm ET/9:00am PT 

CEU Certificate: CEU certificate available upon completing webinar

Learn more about PPW:

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