SPORT PPW Has Positive Effects on Health Behaviors of Elementary School Children in Cayuga County, NY

Prevention specialists at C.H.A.D., Inc. in Auburn, NY implemented the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program during the spring semester, 2022 to 87 children in the 4th grade in county schools (57% female). 

Pretest to posttest survey results showed there was an increase in intentions to engage in daily healthy behaviors in the next month, including: 

  • Physical activity (13%),
  • Eating fruits and vegetables (12%),
  • Eating a healthy breakfast (11%),
  • Talking to parents about health/health habits (9%), and
  • Setting goals to improve health habits (6%). 

At posttest, most children said “no” or “maybe no” to trying the following substances when they are an adult: 

  • Alcohol (71%),
  • Cigarettes (99%),
  • Drugs like marijuana (99%), and
  • E-Cigarettes (98%). 

These data highlight the multiple behavior outcomes on children from participating in the SPORT PPW program. 

We are grateful to the dedicated prevention specialists at C.H.A.D., Inc. for their hard work resulting in healthier kids in the communities they serve.

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