The Risks of Marijuana Use

The Risks of Marijuana Use

The booklet “The Risks of Marijuana Use,” published by Americans Against Legalizing Marijuana (AALM), discusses the many harms caused by marijuana use that are amply documented by science. 

Compared to years past, marijuana and the products derived from marijuana, have much higher THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) content. 

THC is the substance in marijuana that is primarily responsible for the psycho-affective effects on a person. 

The marijuana of today is highly potent, addictive, and the negative effects can be long-acting. 

Marijuana is classified as a hallucinogenic drug under federal law. 

Even though marijuana production, possession, and distribution are illegal under the federal Controlled Substances Act and the federal Food and Drug Administration medicine and food laws, some states have “legalized” marijuana and/or cannabidiol (CBD) under state law due to lobbying by the marijuana industry. 

However, producing and selling marijuana is still illegal under federal law. Marijuana and other cannabis products are inherently dangerous substances and even with warnings and “regulation” it is not safe to use or sell or distribute them. 

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