Training Key to Prevention Strategy Use

Training Key to Prevention Strategy Use

A new study published in Social Work in Public Health evaluated factors that facilitated providers’ use of select HIV-prevention strategies among substance using clients. 

Study findings showed that HIV-prevention training was associated with increased performance on all outcomes, including providing risk assessments, risk reduction counseling, condom demonstration and referral for testing.  

In addition, the odds of conducting several outcomes were higher for providers trained in evidence-based interventions. 

These data indicate the importance of providing easy to access and economical training for all prevention program providers. 

More broadly, this study’s results suggest that training in evidence-based substance use prevention programs will likely improve provider performance in implementing prevention interventions. 

Therefore, every effort should be made by prevention providers, funding agencies and evidence-based program developers to offer and support high quality and affordable training in adopting, implementing, monitoring and evaluating prevention programs. 

Read the full research abstract: 

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