Unique Settings for Implementing Prevention Programs

Unique Settings for Implementing Prevention Programs

Substance use prevention programs are perhaps most frequently provided in schools and colleges, along with community settings such as youth and family organizations and in homes.

But what are some more unique settings in which prevention programs can be provided?

The evidence-based SPORT and InShape Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs for youth and young adults, as well as other PPW programs, are just one-session in length and target the promotion of physical activity, healthy eating, sleep, stress control and goal settings.

As such, PPW programs are more appealing and easily provided in busy school or community settings, but also other more novel situations you don’t typically think of as prevention settings.

SPORT PPW and its variations including the Marijuana, Vaping and Opioid PPW programs can also be provided to youth individually or in a group in gym or fitness centers, sports organizations, DWI classes, PE classes, counseling settings, walk-in and hospital clinics, juvenile justice, youth camps, and after school.

InShape PPW and the new Opioid & Stimulant PPW program for young adults can be provided in wellness clinics, athletics, mental health organizations, community agencies, and US military settings.

PPW programs can also be implemented not just by trained prevention and health providers, but by teachers, coaches, parents, youth leaders and others.

Nearly anyone can provide PPW programs because they include easy to read scripted protocols and online self-paced program implementer training.

Plus, Prevention Plus Wellness one-session parent training programs and multi-media campaigns can be used to support and strengthen the implementation of PPW programs for youth.

The brevity, flexibility and positive, multi-health focus of Prevention Plus Wellness programs make them ideal for nearly any setting with children, adolescents and young adults for protecting and improving their mental and physical wellbeing and performance in school or work.

Learn more: https://preventionpluswellness.com

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