US Daily Cannabis Use Increases 15-Fold

US Daily Cannabis Use Increases 15-Fold

A new study published in Addiction found that US per capita daily or near daily cannabis use increased 15-fold from 1992-2002.  

Other findings included:

  • Per capita past-year use increased by 120%, and
  • days of use reported per capita increased by 218% (between 2008-2022)
  • In 1992, there were 10 times as many daily or near daily alcohol as cannabis users, but
  • in 2022, there were more daily and near daily users of cannabis than alcohol
  • In 2022, the median drinker reported drinking on 4–5 days in the past month, versus 15–16 days in the past month for cannabis

The authors concluded that cannabis use now appears to be on a fundamentally different scale than it was before legalization.

These findings highlight the need for redoubling our efforts to prevent cannabis use and addiction among youth and other vulnerable populations through increasing the application of evidence-informed prevention programs, parent training, and policies aimed at limiting access to cannabis products and marketing. 

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