Using Prevention Plus Wellness to Enhance Sports & School Physicals

Using Prevention Plus Wellness to Enhance Sports & School Physicals

The evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) program was originally created to provide youth participating in a sports physical with a brief one-time intervention.

This intervention was designed to both prevent youth substance use while increasing healthy lifestyle behaviors to enhance sport and school performance and mental and physical wellbeing.

SPORT PPW can be implemented in as little as 30 minutes to youth individually, in groups or virtually using a script and PowerPoint slides or a video.

Today, versions of the SPORT PPW program are being provided to young people ages 8-25 in all 50 states and abroad in nearly any setting, including sports and school physicals, health and physical education classes, after school, youth clubs and groups, summer camps, juvenile justice, homes, college, military, and elsewhere.

SPORT PPW programs are currently available to prevent youth alcohol, marijuana, e-cigarette, opioid and other substance use/misuse while promoting wellness, with brief and convenient online or onsite training for implementers.

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