Using Prevention Plus Wellness to Integrate Behavioral Health in Primary & Urgent Care

Using Prevention Plus Wellness to Integrate Behavioral Health in Primary & Urgent Care

In 2022, The Commonwealth Fund published an article on “Integrating Primary Care and Behavioral Health to Address the Behavioral Health Crisis.”

The article concluded that one way to address the behavioral health crisis in the US is by integrating behavioral health services with primary care to expand access to prevention and treatment of mental health and substance use:

In a paper published this year (2024) in Healthcare Innovation, it was reported that more regions were adding behavioral health care urgent care centers to address the demand by the mental health and addiction crisis:

While challenges to integrating behavioral healthcare into primary care have existed for decades, one simple initial strategy is to use existing evidence-based brief interventions such as the SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs in primary care in general and urgent care more specifically.

SPORT PPW programs are effective one-session brief interventions that prevent substance use (alcohol, e-cigarette, marijuana, opioids) while promoting healthy behaviors like physical activity, healthy eating, sleep, and stress control to enhance youth mental and physical health and performance.

SPORT PPW programs can be provided alongside or as add-on services to existing primary care/urgent care services like sports, school and camp physicals, wellness checks, and other health and wellness services for youth ages 8-25.

Quick and convenient online training is available for nurses, social workers, psychologists, and other healthcare professionals to provide brief SPORT PPW interventions with fidelity and efficacy. 

In addition, SPORT PPW programs are easily provided using a script and PowerPoint slides or video.

Learn more about SPORT PPW brief interventions and training:

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