Vaping E-Cigarette Lung Injury Epidemic

Vaping E-Cigarette Lung Injury Epidemic

A recent online article from UNC Health and UNC School of Medicine (2023) discussed the latest research findings and recommendations regarding the lung injury epidemic caused by vaping e-cigarettes. 

A new, serious lung condition known as E-cigarette or Vaping Product Use-associated Lung Injury, or EVALI, which primarily affects youth and young adults was declared an epidemic by the CDC in 2019. 

This article discusses EVALI symptoms, the causative agents, and provides recommendations for addressing the epidemic including education, public health messaging and additional regulation to prevent further cases of EVALI. 

Vaping Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) is a single-session, evidence-informed e-cigarette use prevention program which also promotes whole-health lifestyle behaviors including physical activity, nutrition and sleep among children and adolescents.  

PPW also offers a one-session parent e-cigarette prevention training program and a multi-media campaign containing print and social media materials for educating and preventing e-cigarette use among youth throughout a school or community. 

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