Vote for Your Favorite PPW T-Shirt Tag Line

Vote for Your Favorite PPW T-Shirt Tag Line

We are conducting a super short poll to see what prevention specialists think is the best tag line to include on future Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) t-shirts for participating youth and program implementers.

Just return this message with your choice from the list below or suggest your own creative tag line. 

We’ll let you know which line received the most votes in an upcoming email.

Thank you for participating!

Suggested PPW T-Shirt Tag Lines.  Choose your favorite!

  1. Choose Wellness
  2. Stay Active
  3. Keep Moving
  4. Set Goals
  5. Be Your Goal
  6. Be Your Best
  7. Be Your Future
  8. Choose Well
  9. Be Your Future: Set Goals
  10. Be Your Future: Choose Wellness
  11. Stay Positive
  12. Keep it Positive
  13. Keep it Wellness
  14. Be Well, Do Well
  15. Your suggestion: __________
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