What is the Unlimited PPW Program & Training License?

What is the Unlimited PPW Program & Training License?

The Unlimited Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) Program & Training License is a way you and your organization can have unlimited online access to any PPW youth or parent program or media campaign you choose as well as to our online program implementer training portal for 1-3 years.

The Unlimited PPW License allows you to share your Prevention Plus Wellness digital program manual and/or materials with an infinite number of prevention or health agencies, specialists, teachers, counselors, coaches, parents, or youth leaders to present the program.      

Send them the link to the PPW Training Portal to take a self-paced online course to become certified to implement your PPW program with fidelity and maximum effectiveness.

Team up with other organizations or agencies in your region to limit individual organization/agency costs while increasing the number of PPW programs everyone can access!

Now you can provide Prevention Plus Wellness programs and campaigns to providers across your entire organization, county, or state cost-effectively. 

Learn more about Unlimited PPW Program & Training Licenses: https://preventionpluswellness.com/products/unlimited-ppw-program-training-license

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