World-Class Prevention Leaders Receive Prevention Plus Wellness Training

Thanks to the world-class prevention leaders from New York, West Virginia and Florida who trained with us this week to become Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementers and Trainers. 

From West Virginia, the talented professionals from Potomac Highlands Guild including Dr. Raj Masih, Paige Mathias, Jeanie Hawk, Roger Dodd, Allen Moreland, Hollie Higgs and James Beahm were trained to implement the new evidence-informed SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness-High Risk programs to middle and high school adolescents at high risk for substance abuse. 

From New York, the dedicated professionals from the Archdiocese of New York Drug Abuse Prevention Program (ADAPP) including Christine Cavallucci and Anna Barone-Fatigate were trained as trainers to provide the evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness Program Implementer Workshops to others in their organization and region. 

From Florida, the outstanding professionals from Operation PAR including Susan Aschom, Genevieve O’Donoghue and Mary Ramsey were trained to provide the evidence-based SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program to middle and high school adolescents and elementary school children throughout their region in the state.

It’s our great honor and mission to serve these super capable and committed prevention specialists, and many others throughout the US and abroad, to effectively prevent substance abuse while promoting protective wellness lifestyles among youth and young adults.     

Learn more about these important prevention and health organizations: 

Potomac Highlands Guild: 


Operation PAR: 

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“The opposite of substance use is not non-use,
it’s wellness!”

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