Youth Prevention Plus Wellness Behaviors Report Card

Youth Prevention Plus Wellness Behaviors Report Card

We are currently providing a free Youth Prevention Plus Wellness Behaviors Report Card highlighting your participating youth group's post-program performance and pre-post changes. 

Survey measures highlighted in the Youth PPW Behaviors Report Card include quantitative assessments of behavioral intentions, social norms, health risk perceptions, and substance use avoidance self-efficacy.  Each of these items are known indicators and predictors of youth health behaviors. 

These items measure substance use behaviors including alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarette, marijuana and other illegal drug use as well as well as protective wellness behaviors including participating in physical activity, healthy eating, getting adequate sleep and controlling stress. 

This free assessment is provided to those who submit our scannable or online surveys while implementing Prevention Plus Wellness programs.

We also offer an optional written report interpreting the data and providing recommendations for program improvement for just $1 per participant and we will scan your pre and post-program surveys for just $1 per participant.  

For more information about our free program evaluation services:

To have your questions answered: or (904) 472-5022.

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