COVID-19 PPW Program Resources

Below is a list of resources to provide Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs remotely when face-to-face implementation is not possible.  

PPW Program Remote Online Protocols:

Implementing Substance Use Prevention Plus Wellness Programs Online: 

Session Objectives:

  1. Describe step-by-step methods for providing Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs online to youth individually and in groups.
  2. Explore tools for monitoring and evaluating online PPW program quality and effectiveness.
  3. Identify PPW program online training and resources.

View Recorded Session: 

PPW Program Online Strategies Training Slides:

Online PPW Program Implementer Training:

Online PPW Training of Trainer Workshop:

Online Youth Leadership Training in Providing PPW Programs:

Online Prevention Plus Wellness Goal Contract:

Pretest Online Youth Substance Use Prevention Program Survey:

Posttest Online Youth Substance Use Prevention Program Survey: