Director, Mentor & Supervisor Training

We provide both convenient live online or phone conference training, as well as larger group onsite workshops.  This particular training is designed especially for program and project directors, mentors, supervisors, managers, and grant specialists.

The goal of these trainings is to provide administrative professionals with the knowledge and confidence to direct, manage, monitor and evaluate any of our Prevention Plus Wellness programs. 

Training topics include:

1.   Q & A addressing issues of greatest concern and urgency to administrators

2.   Overview of program materials: Manual and downloads

3.   Program implementation tasks: Ideal, challenges and extending initial intervention

4.   Process, fidelity and outcome evaluation tools and tasks

5.   Program training, practice and testing recommendations

6.   Program planning: Who, when, where and what

7.   How to tailor the program to your population and setting: Images, content, culture and co-branding

8.   Addressing potential barriers and creating contingency plans to ensure program success: Lack of time or money, implementer buy-in, training, supervising, monitoring, fidelity, site and participant recruitment, implementation, evaluation, and perceived program effectiveness

9.   Final Q & A

10. Training evaluation: best and least

This training runs up to 2 hours, and is tailored to your organization’s needs and interests.