Prevention With Wellness Programs

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs include evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions for use by substance abuse, health and fitness professionals, youth leaders, and parents. 

Evidence-based Programs

Our evidence-based programs have undergone rigorous scientific evaluation and have published results of positive outcomes, and our evidence-informed programs are founded on our evidence-based programs and the Behavior-Image Model which is an innovative theoretical framework. 

Our evidence-based programs include the single session SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for youth that also includes parent materials, and the single-session InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program for college students and other young adults.  Both of these programs can be easily expanded to multiple sessions by extending goal setting sessions, or by adding other PPW programs.

Evidence-informed Programs

Our evidence-informed programs include the six-session SPORT 2 program for youth which can be used to extend the original SPORT PPW program, the single-session SPORT Marijuana Awareness program for youth, and the three-session In God's Image program that links physical and spiritual health promotion for youth in faith-based settings. 

We also offer the the evidence-informed seven-lesson Parent Pep Talk Program that can be provided to youth at home.  This program comes in formats for organizations and parents.  We also offer a set of 5 Prevention Plus Wellness Teen Contracts to improve parent-youth communication on key health and behavior issues at home.

In addition, we provide two evidence-informed programs designed to include wellness into substance abuse treatment and recovery.  One is the SPORT Recovery Program for youth and the second is the Prevention Plus Wellness Adult Recovery program. 

Onsite Certified Program Implementer's or Training of Trainer's (TOT) Workshops are highly recommended to ensure program implementation with fidelity.  

Prevention Plus Wellness Products & Services List