Prevention Plus Wellness Programs

Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs are remarkable 45-minute single-session screening and brief interventions that include a built-in evaluation system allowing immediate program fidelity and effectiveness assessment using scannable surveys.     

PPW programs include both evidence-based and evidence-informed interventions that are being widely used by substance abuse, health and fitness professionals, youth leaders, and parents across the country. 

Evidence-based PPW programs have undergone rigorous scientific evaluation and have published results of positive outcomes.  Evidence-informed PPW programs are adaptations of the evidence-based PPW programs. 

Both evidence-based and evidence-informed Prevention Plus Wellness programs are founded on evidence-based screening and brief intervention practice identified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).    

PPW programs were developed with the Behavior-Image Model (BIM) which targets positive peer and future desired images to increase youth motivation and multiple behavior goal setting to increase self-regulation skills to avoid substance use and increase substance use protective healthy lifestyles.  

Evidence-based Programs 

  • SPORT (alcohol & drug) Prevention Plus Wellness for Youth (45-minutes)
  • InShape (alcohol & drug) Prevention Plus Wellness for Young Adults (50-minutes)

Our evidence-based programs include the single-session SPORT Prevention Plus Wellness program for youth with parent materials, and the single-session InShape Prevention Plus Wellness program for college students and other young adults. 

Both of these programs can be easily expanded to provide multiple sessions by extending goal setting opportunities, using our free prevention resources, or by adding other PPW programs. 

Each of these programs come in manuals with scripts and PowerPoint slides for implementation to individuals or groups. 

Both SPORT PPW and InShape PPW also come in easy to implement youth booklets.

45-Minute Evidence-informed Programs

  • SPORT 2 Prevention Plus Wellness
  • Vaping (e-cigarette) Prevention Plus Wellness
  • Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness
  • Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness
  • In God's Image

Our evidence-informed programs include the six-session SPORT 2 program for youth which can be used to extend the original SPORT PPW program.

We also provide the single-session Vaping Prevention Plus Wellness program, Marijuana Prevention Plus Wellness program, Opioid Prevention Plus Wellness program, and the In God's Image program which links physical and spiritual health promotion for youth in faith-based settings. 

Live Online and Onsite Certified Program Implementer's and Training of Trainer's (TOT) Workshops are highly recommended to ensure program understanding and implementation with fidelity by professionals and youth leaders.