How to Use Trained Volunteers


We know you are a busy professional, that is why our Certified Program Implementer’s Training Workshop is only 4-5 hours, and our Training of Trainer’s Workshop is just 2-3 additional hours. 

This allows even the busiest professionals or youth leaders to get the training they need to implement, or train others to implement, our evidence-based and evidence-informed Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW) programs with fidelity and success. 

We also know that cost and staff availability can sometimes prevent organizations from providing effective prevention programs.     

Our goal is to ensure everyone who wants to promote active, healthy and drug-free lifestyles among youths and young adults can do so with Prevention Plus Wellness programs and training. 

That is why we created a new offer to help organizations leverage their funding and staff.     

As part of our Onsite Certified PPW Program Implementer Workshops, we are now offering free training and sometimes even reduced-priced program materials for any volunteer youths and adults that are included in the training.     

Using volunteers can not only save your organization money, but they can increase the reach of your prevention program, and add opportunities for following up and providing additional content with youth and young adult participants. 

For example, if you have two staff available for training, but include four adult or peer volunteers, you could triple the number of youth you reach with your Prevention Plus Wellness programs.  

In addition, you can have your trained volunteers follow up with participating youth and young adults using PPW program materials to improve participant goal setting skills or provide add-on prevention messages or lessons.  

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