Industry & Founding Advisory Board Members

Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC has two types of Advisory Boards.  The first is the Founding Advisory Board which was created in the early days of forming Prevention Plus Wellness (PPW).  The Founding Advisory Board consists of three highly successful small business leaders who have and continue to provide essential advice and support on critical business issues related to PPW’s growth and sustainability.

The Industry Advisory Board was created more recently and typically consists of a small number of the country’s top substance use prevention and education professionals to provide critical intellectual, creative and social capital to advance the mission of Prevention Plus Wellness.  Industry Board Members usually serve a one-year term.

A brief bio of both Founding and current Industry Advisory Board Members is provided below.

Industry Advisory Board Members


Founding Advisory Board Members

John Greenwald

Grounded in Midwest manufacturing, experienced in software development and deployment, sales/marketing, human resources, finance, operations, distribution, LEAN manufacturing, product development, services, consulting. Extensive leadership development training and practical, hands-on experience. Success spans multi-billion dollar corporate environments, lean small businesses and starving start-up endeavors. Sales leadership, technology leadership, multi-site business leadership.

Expert in sales/distribution channel conflict.

Mike Dryden




Michael Werch