Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign

Media campaigns are an important and efficient way to deliver substance use, prevention, health and safety messages to youth, parents, employees, professionals and entire communities.   

The ready-to-implement Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign from Prevention Plus Wellness was designed to correct myths, misconceptions and norms about marijuana use, increase awareness of marijuana harm, media influences and laws, improve knowledge of how to identify signs of use, provide positive youth and adult role models, enhance positive self-identity, increase youth self-regulation skills to set healthy behavior goals, and develop protective wellness lifestyles.

The Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign contains the following customizable materials: 

  • Marijuana Awareness Banner
  • Marijuana Awareness Posters
  • Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign Press Release
  • Marijuana Awareness Training Quiz with answers and scoring guide
  • Marijuana Awareness Training PowerPoint Slides
  • Youth Cannabis Use & Risks Quiz with answers and scoring guide
  • Youth Cannabis Use & Risks PowerPoint Slides
  • Essential Marijuana Terms
  • 10 Marijuana Risks Brochure
  • 9 Myths About Marijuana Use Harm Flyer
  • 10 Marijuana and Alcohol Harm Reduction Tips for Parents
  • 7 Tips for Reducing Marijuana Risks
  • 7 Critical Facts About Synthetic Marijuana
  • Is Marijuana Really Safer Than Alcohol?
  • Online Information on Marijuana Harm
  • Why is Marijuana Use Addictive?
  • Marijuana Awareness Training Resources
  • Youth Health Behavior Survey
  • Youth Multiple Health Behavior Goal Plan
  • Marijuana Marketing Literacy PowerPoint Slides
  • Marijuana Marketing Literacy Quiz with answers and scoring guide
  • Complete Marijuana Training: Part I PowerPoint Slides
  • Complete Marijuana Training: Part II PowerPoint Slides
  • Marijuana in the Workplace

The campaign banner, posters and press release can be used to announce and promote your Marijuana Awareness Campaign.  The remaining campaign items can be distributed throughout a targeted region to youth and adults, or used to host community events to:

  • Assess student and community groups’ level of marijuana knowledge using the Marijuana Awareness Training Quiz and present the PowerPoint program slides,
  • Assess students’ marijuana knowledge using the Marijuana Awareness Training: Youth Cannabis Use & Risks Quiz and present the PowerPoint program slides,
  • Assess students’ knowledge using the Marijuana Marketing Literacy Quiz and present the PowerPoint Program slides,
  • Present critical marijuana terminology with the Essential Marijuana Terms document,
  • Discuss with local parent groups the 10 Marijuana and Alcohol Harm Reduction Tips for Parents,
  • Help youth assess their current health habits and set healthy goals using the Youth Behavior Survey and Youth Multiple Health Behavior Goal Plan,
  • Present marijuana myths and risks using the 9 Myths About Marijuana Use Harm Flyer and the 10 Marijuana Risks Brochure,
  • Present the Complete Marijuana Training Parts I & II using the PowerPoint slides, and
  • Discuss Marijuana in the Workplace training, policies and drug-testing issues for local businesses.

The advantage of the Marijuana Awareness Media Campaign is that is a fully-loaded, ready-to-use campaign that can save you and your organization a tremendous amount of time and effort, versus starting from scratch to create your own campaign. 

Campaign materials are provided in digital downloads allowing you to make unlimited copies for your organization, business, school, or campus.  All materials can be used as is, or customized by including your organizations name, contact info, logo, local data, images, etc.  

The theme “Living an Active & Fit Lifestyle” is used to emphasize a positive message of choosing and practicing healthy lifestyle habits while avoiding counterproductive and harmful marijuana use.  However, the campaign theme, images and content can be tailored to fit your organization and population’s needs, as long as you retain the source of the materials as Prevention Plus Wellness, LLC.