Prevention Plus Wellness Program & Training Licenses

A Prevention Plus Wellness license is a perfect way to quickly ramp-up the reach, impact and sustainability of your evidence-based or evidence-informed substance use prevention program throughout your organization or region.  

Licenses include the following:

1. Nearly unlimited number of program manuals with digital downloads of reproducible materials.

2. Unlimited number of program implementer's allowed to be trained.

3)  Unlimited number of training of trainers allowed to be trained. 

4)  Free program materials updates.

Two-year PPW licenses allow large-scale reach to nearly all youth/young adults in a targeted district/region and deep penetration of your prevention program by providing program materials and training to all interested prevention and health specialists. 

Broad training and materials distribution offered by licenses will significantly improve the breadth, depth and sustainability of your substance use prevention and health promotion program footprint. 

Licenses are tailored to your prevention needs, interests and budget.  Choose any one or more PPW program versions from three license options, including: 

1. Small License: Choice of 1 PPW program version.

2. Medium License: Choice of 2-3 PPW program versions.

3. Large License: Choice of 4-6 PPW program versions. 

For more information: or (904) 472-5022.