Prevention Plus Wellness Webinars

Prevention Plus Wellness hosts regular webinars to help individuals and organizations learn about the need for practical, evidence-based and informed programs that cost-effectively integrate substance use prevention with fitness, health and positive identity promotion for all youth and young adults, as well as high-risk youth. 

Below is a list of common webinars we offer to better understand our unique screening and brief interventions that can be provided to young people in any setting.  

You’ll also learn how you can become certified to implement, or train others to implement, our evidence-based programs in just one day with our training workshops.  

Host a Prevention Plus Wellness training workshop in your region and receive your training at discounted.     

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We can present any of these webinars privately for your group or organization.  Most are just 30-minutes in length and we can arrange a 1-hour CEU credit for attendance and completing a brief assignment.

Just contact us to schedule a time: 904-472-5022, or

Prevention Plus Wellness Webinar Topics   

  1. Effective Prevention in the Age of Marijuana Legalization
  2. Addressing Prevention and Wellness in the Opioid Epicemic
  3. Why Drug Use Prevention Providers Should Address Multiple Health Behaviors among Youth
  4. Why and How Drug Abuse Prevention Programs Should Promote Wellness
  5. Brief but Powerful Evidence-based Prevention Programs Promoting Physically Active, Healthy & Drug-Free Youth
  6. Certified Trainer & Implementer Workshops on Practical Evidence-based Prevention Plus Wellness Programs
  7. Youth Leadership Training in Prevention Plus Wellness
  8. Marijuana Awareness Media Campaigns
  9. 6 Ways SPORT & InShape PPW Programs Promote Both Healthy & Drug-Free Youth
  10. Brief but Powerful Parent Tools for Promoting Healthy & Drug-Free Youth
  11. Integrating Youth Fitness & Health with Drug Prevention: SPORT, SPORT Online & SPORT 2 Prevention Plus Wellness Programs
  12. Marijuana Awareness & Prevention Programs Fostering Healthy Lifestyles
  13. Preventing Alcohol & Cannabis Abuse on College Campuses with Wellness Screening & Brief Intervention
  14. Preventing Youth Alcohol, Tobacco & Marijuana Use with Brief Fitness & Health Messages 
  15. In God’s Image: An Evidence-Informed Program Promoting Physically & Spiritually Fit & Drug-Free Youth 
  16. Programs Increasing Physical Activity & Healthy Lifestyles for Youth & Adults in Substance Abuse Recovery